Reviewing…#believeinmagic: First Kiss Collection by Amber Shaw & Studio Flergs

Ok, here’s my first ever review of a digital scrapbook kit.
I am starting today with the first scrapbook collection in my stash and this happens to be: #believeinmagic: First Kiss Collection by Amber Shaw & Studio Flergs
#believeinmagic: First Kiss Collection by Amber Shaw and Studio Flergs
#believeinmagic: First Kiss Collection by Amber Shaw and Studio Flergs

When it comes to the Believe in Magic (BIM) digital scrapbook collections by Amber and Flergs I’m really fascinated. The theme, the colors, the elements — everything on the preview makes me want to HAVE it!

I try to purchase the BIM collections (not the kit only) whenever I can. I think First Kiss was one of my first Believe in Magic (BIM) purchases.
Let’s see what’s inside this digital scrapbook beauty…


Patterned, solids and shimmers - digital scrapbook paper
All the paper in the collection

42 papers total = 8 solids, 14 shimmers and 19 patterned.

Let’s take a closer look at the so called “shimmers”:
Dotted shimmers
Floral shimmers in 7 colors
Dotted shimmers
Dotted shimmers

Take a closer look at these beauties:


Shown at 100%
Shown at 100%
As you can see, those are basically light patterned paper with delicate shimmery feel. They sparkle beautifully on your page to make it super special.

To be honest, I sometimes purchase the whole collection BECAUSE of the shimmers — they really tempt me ’cause I love me some bling 🙂

Let’s move on to…


Total of 18 cards
Total of 18 cards

18 cards total.

As a non-native English speaker I honestly don’t pay much attention to cards because I don’t usually journal in English on my pages but that’s a whole different story.

However, there’s those blank cards that let you write whatever you want and I admit I love them. As you can see, this kit has 5 blank cards – each in a horizontal and vertical direction which makes a total of 10 blanks cards for some free journaling and documenting — that’s sooo cool!
The others are nice magical designs and/or quotes to enhance any princess or themed layout.

If you are into pocket scrapping, then those cards are a must for your projects.


Pretty scatters
Pretty scatters

9 scatterz total.

Oh my GOD!!! I seriously think Flergs should offer Kit+scatterz in a bundle because those are definitely a must for me.

I have noticed that these beauties enhance the outlook of my pages at an instant. If you use a plain/solid background and insert a scatter behind the photo, your page is almost complete.

Take a look at those pre-shadowed pretties:

The three clustered scatterz
The three clustered scatterz
Those are just the three pre-clustered designs and there’s 6 more scattered stars/hearts/sequins which you already saw in the first image above.



75 sleeping beauty themed digital scrapbook elements
75 pretty themed elements

75 total (excluding the scatters)

Whenever I think of a princess page I think of flowers, ribbons, glitter and sparkle. The romantic First Kiss scrapbook collection has it all when it comes to elements. There are those pretty banners, two pink bows, a variety of buttons, labels and glittery accents and LOTS of amazingly beautiful flowers. I cannot imagine a princess layout without pretty florals.
There’s also those royal elements like the crowns, ornate frames and trims. A few Sleeping beauty related elements, like the spinning wheel, are also included. To complete each and every layout there’s also a variety of word strips and titles — all magical and all beautiful.


Was I satisfied with my purchase? Yes, yes, yes!!!
Why did I purchase it? Because I loved the colors and the theme. I don’t really have little girl photos to scrap but I just had to have this in my stash.
Do I recommend buying the collection? Yes! If you have a daughter or you are into beautiful fairytale and princess stuff, don’t hesitate – this collection is worth it.

Pages I’ve created with BIM First Kiss scrapbook collection:

Sleeping beauty page bim_page02

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