Nice to meet you! Let’s start!

Hello friends!
Have you ever wanted to know what’s inside a digital scrapbook kit before purchasing it?
I know, I know — most of the kits have sample pages but still, things are unclear and some super awesome creative team members can do miracles with avarage products.
I am very picky when it comes to purchasing digital products (tbh, not only digital). That’s why I try to inspect as much as I can about a product before making a purchase.
Most of the times I am happy with my purchases but there’s times when I am not, and that’s not cool, you know!

So, here I am enthusiastically starting a blog for “unpacking” and “reviewing” digital scrapbook kits to try to help you and other community members.
I’m starting with my own stash and my own (dis)likes and preferences, so please, bear with me. In near future I might be able to purchase products for the sake of unpacking and reviewing but only time will tell.
I’m an honest person so I admit that I’m a fan of (SSD). I hang and shop only there, so for now my reviews will be about SSD products because as I said — I’ll review kits from my personal stash.
For starters, here’s a screenshot of my SSD stash (consisting of 180+ kits):
I’ll review the kits alphabetically to avoid favoritisms.

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